Participate in Constellation 2013: October 5 and 6!

Hey doers and artists!

Constellation is seeking proposals for projects to take place as part of the third annual Constellation happening October 5 and 6, 2013. Constellation highlights the integral role that cultural production plays in our daily lives, neighborhoods, and communities by opening up domestic spaces in South Minneapolis neighborhoods such as Powderhorn Park, Phillips, Longfellow and Seward for public cultural events.

Constellation includes a broad range of activities that happen under-the-radar, from garage beer brewing to basement music events, from backyard chicken-raising to front yard public art events. Constellation is a weekend festival of neighbors sharing skills and cultural experiences, and forging stronger connections with each other. Projects could take place in backyards, garages, porches, apartments, and other domestic spaces. This year, Constellation is also partnering with neighborhood organizations to provide events in outdoor public spaces; celebrating the role of neighborhood groups as part of our community culture.

Projects could include skillshares, music and theatre performances, fashion shows, art installations, tours, swaps, meals, or whatever you propose.

To participate, email your written proposal and a sample of work to by September 5th. Participants are encouraged to provide their own project space. Participants will be notified of project inclusion as soon as possible after submission.

Constellation is most interested in projects that have a social dimension, incorporate teaching or skill sharing, or feature an exceptional amount of fun and creativity.



Constellation included in the Minneapolis profile of Temporary Art Review

The St. Louis-based Temporary Art Review is doing a profile of Minneapolis projects, and Constellation is one of them! Check it out!

Also, Works Progress and the new Banquet Magazine are featured. We love Minneapolis!

Constellation guides up for your printing pleasure.

Here are Constellation guides to print out and take with you so you don’t miss a thing. Hooray!

Hey art lovers, neighbors, doers, and curiosity seekers!


The second annual Constellation, will be taking place in South Minneapolis September 8-9, 2012.

Constellation highlights the integral role that art and cultural production play in our daily lives, neighborhoods and communities by opening up domestic spaces in the South Minneapolis neighborhoods of Powderhorn, Phillips, Corcoran, Longfellow and Seward for public cultural events.

Projects take place in backyards, garages, porches, apartments, or other private spaces. Events include mobile karaoke, backyard films, live theater, a cake walk, quilt-making, fermentation skill-shares, participatory projects, music,  art shows, and more!

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