Hey art lovers, neighbors, doers, and curiosity seekers!


The second annual Constellation, will be taking place in South Minneapolis September 8-9, 2012.

Constellation highlights the integral role that art and cultural production play in our daily lives, neighborhoods and communities by opening up domestic spaces in the South Minneapolis neighborhoods of Powderhorn, Phillips, Corcoran, Longfellow and Seward for public cultural events.

Projects take place in backyards, garages, porches, apartments, or other private spaces. Events include mobile karaoke, backyard films, live theater, a cake walk, quilt-making, fermentation skill-shares, participatory projects, music,  art shows, and more!

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4 responses to “Hey art lovers, neighbors, doers, and curiosity seekers!

  1. Hey Lacey, Sorry to miss your deadline. Can TuckUnder Projects still be part of the Constellation again this year? We will be showing a video installation entitled Long Ago and Tomorrow, from Rural Artist Initiative, who run ArtHouse from New London, MN (Andrew Nordin and Lisa Bergh). Still have your sign and glitter doggy! Thanks, pete

  2. I hope it is okay if I use one of your photos here to promote this event on greaserag.org. I went last year and I love Constellation!
    Thank you,

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